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What is Revealo?

Revealo is a smart tracker, that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and a Crowd GPS approach to locate your items or loved ones.

Unlike other trackers currently on the market, Revealo technology protects your privacy. Other BLE trackers can be tracked by anyone, including criminals.

Revealo will be available soon as a small coin size tracker or directly integrated into many Revealo compatible consumer products.

Free Revealo features:

Find your Revealo!

Our app will help you to find your device within a Bluetooth range (up to 50 meters).

Keep your wallet and keys with you.

The Revealo app will alert you, if you leave your valuables somewhere.


Cutting-edge encryption system


Protect everything you want


Patented technology

Want more?

Check our premium features:



Find it on the map!

Advanced functionality, that shows you the location of your lost Revealo on the map.
You can use a special, temporal Revealo code with the airport system supporting our solution. It will help you to make sure, that your luggage is in the right place. After few hours the code perishes and they won’t be able to track it anymore.



Make sure your beloved ones are safe!

That’s what we’ve designed the Revealo for – 24 hours backtracking.
Make sure, that your beloved ones are safe.

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