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Independent Developers
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Revealo is an answer for rising demand for privacy


Bluetooth-based trackers have a lot of advantages. They are cheap, reliable and energy efficient. But Bluetooth is a communication protocol. It was designed specifically for communication, not for privacy. It is trivial for an attacker to track the movement of a normal BLE device user on the map in real time.


We’ve developed top-level encryption system. One of it’s features is possibility to generate and share with authorised parties temporal code, that allows to track the Revealo device or object with integrated technology, such as especially designed wallet, suitcase, bike, smartphone, smartwatch, car or many others.

Revealo as a base for your innovative solutions

As there are more potential use cases for this technology than one company could possibly manage, we have decided to become a platform and technology provider for companies that would build their niche businesses on top of our offering.

We provide the marketplace type of integration allowing you, as a independent developer, to charge premium subscriptions for your extra functionalities.

Interested in Revealo technology?

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