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Example One The Safest Tracker Revealo: A tiny device which you can track with your smartphone to find lost valuables and people missing, while keeping your location away from prying eyes.

Every wireless device leaves a digital fingerprint

This digital fingerprint can be then used to find the device and thus its user even without his authorization. Criminals use combination of hacked computers, smartphones, fitness trackers and small detectors to collect location data on people. Everyone can buy this data on the dark web black market for as low as $10 for person a day.


Our patent pending technology allows us to scramble this wireless digital fingerprint using encryption system and limit the tracking capability only to the owners of encryption key.

How will you use your Revealo?

  • To protect your child

    Providing full privacy, Revealo can help you keep your loved one safe, hidden from prying eyes.

  • To ensure safety for the elders

    6 in 10 people with dementia wander. We have an answer for that – track your loved ones and help to bring them back home. Revealo is over 10 times cheaper than the solutions used today.

  • To Keep your pet safe

    A small, reliable Revealo device will inform you, if your pet is safe at home.

  • To find anything you want

    A fast and easy way to locate all your items – the key to your home, your wallet or your bike.

  • To protect your car

    Revealo technology can be directly integrated with cars and motorcycles, allowing the owner to track the item in case they are lost or stolen.

  • to Find your luggage

    Revealo gives airlines ability to check if your luggage is loaded onto the right plane before lift off.

From the first sketch, Revealo was all about one thing: safety.

Our innovative cryptographic system prevents the device from being tracked without your authorization.

Revealo – a personal safety device

Share it with the one you love – your kid, your grandfather or grandmother. We are working closely with non profits dedicated to helping people with cognitive diseases, to help making the world a safer place for elders.

With our 100% privacy, you can use Revealo to protect everything you need. No one unauthorized will be able to track it.

We are launching soon – sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media.

Together we will make the world a safer place.

What do they say about us?

Most interesting startup : Revealo ! Going to be patented. Want to see more. 😉

@Arnaud Auger

Very good job guys! I would like to tell you how beautiful and good Revealo is!


A game changer for the people suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

@Alexander Olshevsky

What’s new?

Meet us at TC Disrupt London on Tuesday, Dec 8 2015. We will be at our table in the Hardware Alley. ...


Projekt zrealizowano w ramach regionalnego programu operacyjnego województwa Dolnośląskiego 2014-2020, działanie 1.3 Rozwój przedsiębiorczości, poddziałanie Rozwój przedsiębiorczości – ZIT Wr OF, schemat 1.3.C.2 Doradztwo dla MŚP – projekty grantowe IOB, którego celem jest poprawa konkurencyjności firmy oraz zwiększenie bezpieczeństwa prowadzonej działalności, kwota dofinansowania 50 000,00 zł.