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Consumer Goods Manufacturers
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Revealo makes world a safer place

Are you a consumer goods manufacturer? Revealo offers a smart solution to protect your products from being lost or stolen. Our technology allows for easy integration with a great variety of goods.

Finding stolen consumer electronics

Laptops, audio equipment and cameras are small, yet valuable items: perfect targets for the thieves. Revealo is a reliable way to retrieve stolen consumer elctronics. You don’t need to attach a standalone tracker (such device could be easily removed by the thief). Instead, the producer can integrate Revealo technology with the original product design. Being part of hardware makes it difficult to remove and improves the chances of retrieving stolen item.

Luggage tracking during air travel

With a tracker either directly integrated with the luggage, it is possible with Revealo technology to securely share the tracking details of the luggage with the airline for a predefined period of time. After this time expires the airline is not able to track the luggage, thus preserving the privacy of the user. By using a tracker, it is possible for the airline / airport operator, to verify that the luggage is loaded onto the right container / airplane before it takes off, thus lowering the number of undelivered or lost bags, and avoiding both monetary and reputational penalties.

Finding stolen bicycles

With a very small form factor and long battery life it is possible to hide a Revealo tracker from a thief, either in the bicycle construction elements or between tire rim and a tire (using a form factor specifically designed for this purpose). By using a tracker device, it is possible to recover a stolen bicycle.

Using it makes the bicycle a harder target for a potential thief, requiring additional precautions and making a quick theft less probable.

Finding stolen cars and motorcycles

Revealo technology can be directly integrated with cars or motorcycles, allowing the owner to track the item in case it is lost or stolen. By direct integration and in the case of automotive application, with the vehicle electronic components, it becomes economically infeasible for a potential thief, to remove the tracker, effectively severely lowering the value of stolen goods to a potential thief.

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